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My name is Ivette Moscol, I am the founder of Abba Hope and I want to share with everyone who visits Abba Hope website, what God did in my life, I want to share how He restored my heart and show that through Jesus there is still HOPE.

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My Story

In my early childhood years, I grew up without my mom and dad, which allowed me to become vulnerable to the sexual abuse I suffered at the age of 4.

In my teens, I met Jesus, but my rebellion and curiosity to discover what was "out there" led me to become addicted to cigarettes since I was 13 years old and take refuge in toxic relationships that broke my heart even more.

As a result, I began to hide my feelings and try to live a life based only on parties and sex, but that led to an unwanted pregnancy, which I decided to terminate, I remember feeling a part of my soul had died that day.

After the abortion, I began to suffer panic attacks, depression, and anxiety, many times I wanted to commit suicide but I did not want to hurt my mother, more than I had already been doing.

I had run out of dreams and without appreciating myself, I began to hate myself for the person I had become, and at that moment was where I believed that my destiny on this earth was only to suffer. Then I thought that for me love could not exist, that I had to accept it, that was when I decided to use my body as merchandise.

For many years Jesus had been calling me, and there were times when I tried to hear His voice, but something within me still believed that I could solve my life on my own, even though I knew that only He could help me.

But everything changed one day, the most wonderful, most beautiful day of my life, November 2, 2019, it was the day I decided to open my heart to Jesus, to approach him without excuses, without filters or words that sound nice. I simply opened my heart to him and told him everything that I had kept in my soul for many years, I said:

“I have looked for happiness in men, travel, sex, material things, parties, physical appearance, family, but nothing completes me completely, everything lasts very little.

I like to sin, I love to sin, but how that makes me feel later it is killing me little by little, I don't know if You can hear me because You are holy and I am far from it, but if you are listening to me, please rescue me. This feeling of internal emptiness, deep loneliness, and frustration grows evermore, I know it is because of the type of my life that I have, because of the things I do, but I feel that this is part of me, of my identity and I do not think I can change, don't think I can leave it all behind. God, but if you can do it, do it, do what you have to do to save me from this dark tunnel where I can't breathe anymore, I feel like I'm dying inside. "

From that day my soul received life and my identity was forever changed. Today I stand as a daughter of the Almighty God. I feel loved, protected, restored, valued, full of peace, and full of dreams, all my chains were broken and that is why I share my story with you because our heavenly Father wants to do the same with you.

I am a witness that Jesus transforms lives, even if you or the people around you don’t believe in yourself, He does!

I know how it feels to be rejected, abandoned, scared, desperate, but Jesus wants to help you, just like He helped me, Jesus went to the cross for you and me, to give us a second chance.

Give yourself an opportunity to be truly happy, open your heart to Christ, let Him dwell in your life and He will take care of the rest.


If you also want to be restored by Jesus and do not know how or want the Abba Hope family to pray for you, contact us.

+1 (424) 236 - 8091

+1 (818) 714 - 1322

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